Are you thinking about running a flash sale?

If you are, read our introductory guide to runnning flash sales first! 

Over the years, flash sales have become a common strategy for online merchants to drive sales, attract new customers, and promote their brand. When executed well, merchants can even use them as a competitive advantage. 

When run inefficiently though, merchants can corrode their brand image and actually lose sales! 

This introductory guide gives you all the details to planning, running, and overcoming the common failures of flash sales. We'll cover topics like:

  • What is a Flash Sale?
  • The Rise and Fall of Flash Sales
  • Benefits and Risks of Flash Sales
  • How to Plan for a Flash Sale
  • Common Flash Sale Failures (and how to overcome them)

Before you think about running a flash sale, consult our guide. You'll be better prepared for a successful sale.