Connect Magento and MS Dynamics GP

The nChannel platform bridges the gaps between Magento and Microsoft Dynamics GP so you can get the most value out of your vital systems and focus on growing your business. Utilizing pre-built connectors and mapping templates nChannel will guide you through our QuickLaunch Implementation, a proven process that allows you to realize the benefits of automation in just a few short weeks.


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Automate Your Online Sales Transactions

The nChannel platform eliminates manual data entry by automating the movement of sales orders, customer data, shipping status, inventory updates and product information between your Magento store and Microsoft Dynamics GP.


nChannel_orderIcon.pngOrder fulfillment

Move orders accurately from Magento to Microsoft Dynamics GP in real-time to accelerate fulfillment

Add or update customer information in Microsoft Dynamics GP as orders are placed on Magento

Provide timely shipping statuses to improve your customer’s buying experience


nChannel_inventoryIcon.pngInventory updates 

Update product availability in real-time to build buyer confidence

Remove out of stock items from your store before you oversell


Product listingnChannel_itemIcon.png

Sync product data from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Magento to eliminate countless hours of manual data entry

Update prices instantly in Magento to reflect price adjustments or promotions in Microsoft Dynamics GP


Configure Connectors to Meet Your Automation Needs

Configure your nChannel Magento and Microsoft Dynamics GP connectors to handle the specific requirements of your business today and as your business evolves. In addition to the core online business process included in our Basic and Standard subscription plans, nChannel also automates returns, order routing, multichannel fulfillment, calculated inventory allocation, dropship fulfillment, 3PL fulfillment and much more.

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