There's a Better Way to Integrate. 

nChannel empowers retailers and wholesalers with integration tools to sync data between Magento and Sage to automate processes from inventory synchornization to order fulfillment and supply chain management. 

We power consistent customer experience by enabling merchants to accelerate order fulfillment, avoid overselling, automate complex order routing, manage product catalogs, update customer records and more. 

With smoother operations, you'll increase revenue online and build confidence to expand to new sales channels. 

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Automate Your Online Sales Transactions 

The nChannel platform eliminates manual data entry for orders, inventory, customers, items, and shipping/tracking data. Automation increases operational efficiency by reducing data processing time and eliminating costly errors. 


nChannel_orderIcon.pngAccelerate Order fulfillment

Move orders accurately from Magento to Sage in real-time to accelerate fulfillment

Add or update customer information in Sage as orders are placed on Magento

Provide timely shipping statuses to improve your customer’s buying experience


nChannel_inventoryIcon.pngSync inventory counts and avoid overselling

Update product availability in real-time to build buyer confidence

Remove out of stock items from your store before you oversell


Manage product catalogsnChannel_itemIcon.png

Syndicate product catalog, item pricing updates and new promotions from Sage to Magento 

Update prices instantly in Magento to reflect price adjustments or promotions in Sage


partnersIntegrate your supply chain 

Integrate 3PL suppliers and drop shippers 

Automate complex order splitting and routing by fulfillment location 

Reconcile payment terms, purchase orders and shipping notiifcations 


See How Our Customers Get the Most Out of Magento

texas tamale

Texas Tamale integrated Magento and Sage 100  and reported that they convert and close 20% more online sales because nChannel speeds up order processing. 

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